Adriano Giannini (born 22nd December 1971 in Rome) is an Italian actor, son of Giancarlo Giannini. He co-starred in 2002 with Madonna in the widely-panned film Swept Away, a remake of the 1974 Italian film with the same name. Adriano played the same role that his father, Giancarlo Giannini, played in the original. He dubbed Heath Ledger's voice in the Italian release of The Dark Knight (his father was the voice of Jack Nicholson/The Joker in Tim Burton's Batman).


Adriano Giannini speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish. With his acting and language skills, Giannini recently won an award for dubbing the Joker (Heath Ledger) role in The Dark Knight, and also recently also voiced Christian Bale's role in The Fighter in Italian.

In 2011 Giannini won Best Acto at the B.F. Film Festival for the movie Sandrine Nella Pioggia, directed by Antonio Zangardi. In 2009 he wrote, directed and produced a short film based on a novel by Andrea Camilleri, II Gioco. The movie was nominated at the Venice Film Festival, winning the Silver Ribbon as Best Short Film.

In addition to working in many European feature films, Giannini's other movie credits include Black Thirst, Ocean's Twelve and Swept Away for American audiences. Though he has appeared on many European television shows, Missing is his first role on an American television series.