Nick Eversman was recently seen in HBO's critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated Cinema Verite as Grant Loud. He can currently be seen starring in the indie horror film Urban Explorer, which just earned Best Picture at ScreamFest 2011.

Eversman's big screen credits include the Twilight parody Vampires Suck, The Runaways and Hellraiser Revelations. On the small screen, he has guest starred on NCIS, House, The Ghost Whisperer and CSI: Miami.

Eversman was born 15th February 1986 in Madison, Wisconsin and currently resides in Los Angeles.

His nicknames are; Bomber, Little Timmy and Neko. He is an avid music lover, and enjoys playing music with his roommate. While first starting acting in Los Angeles, he dressed up as a giant shrimp named Louie for his first job. He is a huge fan/collector of Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.