Missing 6

Paul Winstone

Paul Winstone is a former field operative for the Central Intelligence Agency. He served from 1987 - 2001 under the mentorship of Martin Newman and alongside his wife, fellow operative Rebecca Winstone. Paul was involved in various undercover missions throughout Europe until his "assassination" by car bomb in Vienna, Austria in August of 2001. Later on in the series, it is revealed that he faked his death because he was "in too deep." At first, he is suspected by Dax, the CIA, even Becca of working with Victor Asimov, who is responsible for the kidnapping of his son, Michael. After a short fight with Becca, Paul holds her in a chokehold, and explains that he was only there to exchange a second batch of stock certificates and give his own life in exhance for Michael. This is enough to prove his innocence to Rebecca, and for her to shout to him that Michael wasn't in Asimov's custody. After a short firefight in the Bird Church in which Asimov is killed by his son, Maxim, Rebecca and Paul team up to track down Michael. Unfortunately, while trying to track Michael down, it is revealed that Martin Newman is "Suspect Zero," who is behind everything. Martin tells the police to be on the lookout for Becca and Paul, leading to Paul's arrest while he caused a diversion for Becca's escape.


After Paul shrugs off two bully prisoners, he is beaten in his back by the police with batons, and is put in solitary. Dax Miller, who has discovered Paul and Becca's innocence, helps him break out and go to Becca. When Becca interrogates Violet, Paul tries to talk her out of torturing her. Becca is able to get where Martin will be exchanging nuclear material. When chasing down Martin, Paul is shot in the shoulder and is unable to further give chase. Martin is killed by Becca during a shootout on the roof of a Turkish temple. Paul and Michael are finally able to reconcile happily.

-A week later-

One week into the family reunion in Prague, Becca goes to retrieve the car. The car appears, crashing into a parked car. When Michael opens the driver's door, the windshield has a bullet hole in it, and the driver's seat is splattered with blood, but Becca is not there....Paul is seen looking worried and baffled.......

The ending title screen shows Becca running away, showing that she is alive.